Armenian Camp – immersed in nature for social impact

Samvel Rostomyan and Varduhi Aramyan founded Armenian Camp in the 2000s as a resource for the physical convalescence and leisure of people with disabilities. The pandemic in 2020 gave them an opportunity to transform into a social enterprise and serve a broader market, and they grabbed it with both hands!

Today, Armenian Camp offers great facilities that allow inclusive tourism – with outdoor sports such as kayaking, SUP boarding, and windsurfing and indoor activities such as ping pong, boccia, and more. They host paid customers as well as people with disabilities. They also work with their local communities, teaching the children of the nearby villages to swim as well as involving them in cleanup activities on the lakeshore.

Thanks to their own ambitions and support from the EU-funded Collaborate4Impact project, Armenian Camp is one of the rare spots on Lake Sevan that now functions all year, not just during the classic tourist season.