Art – coworking during wartime

At a first glance, being creative and artistic during the wartime is not something to think about, there are more pressing thing to do. However, the need for creation lives in people even in the worst of times, sometimes helping them overcome the the troubles.

Art-coworink is such an enterprise, a space where people can realise their creative ideas and earn money to support themselves. The social enterprise from Donetsk region that moved to the city of Dnipro after the start of a full-scale invasion combines sewing and typographic – visitors can learn how to create their textile products and apply original prints on them.

After the start of the full-scale war, the enterprise started to create products to meet the needs of internally displaced persons, and later the military. In the spring, the company became one of the grantees of the Ukrainian Social Venture Fund through our Collaborate for Impact program.

Financial support from the USVF was directed to the purchase of additional equipment and raw materials for the manufacture of products to meet the needs of IDPs, for consulting services on the development of new product samples, and for the payment of company’s employees.

Read the interview with Olena Kucheruk, the founder of the social enterprise “Art-coworking” here.