Collaborate for Impact at Impact Week Brussels

Impact Week is about weaving new webs of change. With Collaborate for Impact, we have already been knitting impact across Eastern Europe for two years.

At Impact Week, we will showcase all the change that impact champions have created in the region, from impact ‘firsts’ of all kinds (first team, first fund in their country, first impact investment and first investors on board) to the frontlines of impact.

We couldn’t be more excited about it and hope to see you there:

Thursday | 1 December

10.30: Impact-Busters: first-time funds demystified

When there’s a first-time fund,  
In the neighbourhood,  
Who you gonna call?  

Join this interactive session where the teams of newly set up impact funds in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine will engage with top level impact investors on the subject of first-time funds. Expect a high level of experience and an interactive exchange on the challenges and lessons learnt in the pioneering process of funding a first-time fund. This session is for all funds, small and large, starting and experienced, looking to learn, share and get inspired. 

The Line-up: 

Kristine Kandelaki | Program Manager, Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia; Anna Gulevska-Chernysh | Co-founder & Chair, SILab Ukraine; Gevorg Poghosyan | CEO, Impact Hub Yerevan; Andreja Rosandic | Stakeholders Manager, EVPA; Martijn Blom | Manager for Benelux & Impact Funds Initiative, EVPA

15.30: Impact in Conflict Zones 

This session will focus on the practical aspects of empowering entrepreneurs and investors in territories where the context is conflict. What challenges do impact investors face in these situations? How can the impact ecosystem support entrepreneurs to solve the most pressing problems? Is there a difference for investors between dealing with conflicts that originated in foreign aggression (Ukraine) vs. domestic disputes (Burundi)? What role does entrepreneurship and economic development play in stabilising conflict?

Our panellists are ideally positioned to answer these questions and provide valuable insights to current and future investors focusing on territories in conflict. Join us for insights from the front lines of impact!

The Line-up: Simon van Melick | Senior Manager, Spark; Wouter Vandersypen | Executive Director, Kampani; Anna Gulevska-Chernysh | Co-founder & Chair, SILab Ukraine; Gevorg Poghosyan | CEO, Impact Hub Yerevan; Nazareth Seferian | Collaborate for Impact project, EVPA

Friday | 2 December

8.00: Impact Breakfast  

Join us early in the morning to network and exchange with an amazing crowd of passionate impact investors and practitioners from central Europe and the Eastern Partnership countries! 

We’ll share updates and insights on how EVPA is building communities of impact investors and first-time impact funds throughout the region, then offer participants lots of time to connect. The EVPA breakfasts during the Annual Conference have a long tradition, and we’re excited to be hosting the event in person again – grab a coffee and let’s get to know each other!  

The Line-up: Mathieu Bousquet | Acting Director Thematic support, coordination of policy and financial instruments, European Commission DG Near; Oleksandr Sanchenko | Member of Parliament, Ukraine; Leader, Social Entrepreneurship Taskforce; Ewa Konczal | Market Building Manager, EVPA