Impact Breakfast – taste of impact of the Eastern Partnership countries in Brussels

The last day of Impact Week in Brussels started with bites of impact from the Eastern Partnership countries – the Impact Breakfast brought the highlights of the Collaborate for Impact project by DG NEAR.

Ewa Konczal, the Project Lead presented the highlights of the work in the Eastern Partnership countries like setting up the first Georgian impact fund Actio as well as the great work done by the project partner SILab in relation to the social entrepreneurship and impact investing in Ukraine during the war.

The speech by Mr. Mathieu Bousquet, Acting Director Thematic support, coordination of policy and financial instruments from DG NEAR of the European Commission was welcomed by the audience as a inspiration to carry on the work in the impact investment space.

During the Impact Breakfast, the audience had also a chance to taste products from the social enterprises of the Eastern Partnership countries like dried fruit from Armenia, jams from Ukraine and apple chips from Georgia.

In addition to the tasty bites, products from the social enterprises from the region were also showcased such as ornaments by the Ukrainian social enterprise Fortel that supports internally displaced people, socks made by Azerbaijani Socks that are knitted by the women in the remote areas of Azerbaijan, ornaments by HDIF, Armenian enterprise employing women from minority groups, socks from Babale, a Georgian social enterprise employing people with the Down syndrome and bags by EcoVox, a Moldovan company that integrates people with disabilities in labor activities.