Privacy Policy

EVPA is an organisation for and of members in order to develop and enhance the venture philanthropy and social investment sector. Our objective is not to make any profit. We do not sell your data, and we will never do that. We use your personal data to provide services to you. We only keep sufficient data to accomplish our mission. If you use our services, we assume you consent with the fact that we record and process your personal data, and agree to the terms of this privacy policy.

EVPA aims to respect everyone's privacy as well as the regulation concerned. We respect your wishes to review, update, correct, complete or delete your data, and will act upon that seriously. We protect your data to ensure that it does not get stolen, lost or misused.

This policy and privacy guideline covers all personal data that we collect, keep, disclose or otherwise use from you in any form. This policy applies to all and always at EVPA. EVPA is responsible for this policy and may modify it anytime, informing all contacts of the changes.

Read our privacy policy.