Love by Veganazer

Number of employees: Up to 5

LOVE by Veganazer was founded in 2020 amidst pandemic in an attempt to unite people from different backgrounds and educate them on the current critical problems that humanity needs to solve. It is a safe place for people of all genders, races, religions and lifestyles. At Love they help people understand that being different is normal and you don’t have to be excluded from society for that. They are constantly helping many individuals with disabilities to sell their artworks at the shop without any commission (arts, ecoproducts, sustainable fashion and homeware). They also educate people on the importance of a plant-based diet and sustainable, low-waste lifestyle and help them achieve this.

Love by Veganazer Impact

Helped numerous people to go vegan

Organised sales for 5 artists with disabilities

Partnering with 1 woman with disability and 2 mothers of kids with disability to provide them with fresh homemade vegan food

Plans for the future: expanding into a healthy fast food venue

Love by Veganazer is a shop offering a variety of products for different groups of people: free from gluten, sugar, most allergens, plastic; suitable for followers of jainism/buddhism, christian fasting, muslim (halal); people with autoimmune disorders, suffering from phenylketonuria, cancer, etc. They give free consultations on healthcare, environment and ethics topics as well.