Café Mziuri

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Number of employees: 10 to 20

Café Mziuri is a community based social enterprise, established in a forgotten park of Tbilisi, Georgia. It positions people with disabilities as entrepreneurial leaders of their communities.

In 2016, non-profit organization Mziani initiated creation of the social enterprise Café Mziuri in one of the central parks of Tbilisi. Mziuri Park, opened in 1982, was thought to become Children’s City, a green space in the city center with a high development potential. Initiation of the social enterprise Mziuri Café aimed at creation of a green space accessible for people of all ages and abilities. One of the main goals was to return spirit and beauty to the park and create functional space for spending free time.

The SE also aimed at raising awareness of the society about important social challenges. As a result of the Mziuri Cafe activism, Tbilisi City Hall gradually renewed the whole park. Cafe Mziuri has gradually gained the status of a special place which has been created by its staff, loyal guests and environment typical only for Mziuri.

Café Mzuri Impact:

More than 50 events annually, including educational projects, promoting sustainability, diversity and inclusion
Cooperation with other social enterprises, supporting their promotion as well as increase of sales
Plans for the future: opening similar places across Tbilisi and training up to 20 young people each year who will be interested in the field of hospitality

In the video meet Anna Goguadze, founder of Café Mziuri, whose vision and energy brought back life to the once forgotten and abandoned park and made it a space accessible to everyone, promoting diversity, sustainability and inclusion.

‘It is our big desire to become a member of a society in which every person has a share of responsibility to change the environment around.’ says Anna, adding about the many initiatives they have: ‘For example, we have completely removed the plastic and we have eco-friendly packaging in the cafe. We’ve been also collecting paper and then handing it over to another social enterprise to recycle. Our visitors see something different, diverse, socially responsible activities that encourages which them to be more environment – friendly.’

To learn more about the project, visit their website – Café Mziuri.