Second Impact for Breakfast held in Moldova

In partnership with Business Angels Moldova, our C4I partner EcoVisio hosted the second event of the Impact for Breakfast attended by investors, local startups, entrepreneurs and other people interested in investing.

With the event being a part of the “Angel Investment VS Impact Investment” series, the discussion panel brought together different actors in the field of investments at national and international level. With a variety of guests among which Ewa Konczal, Collaborate for Impact Program Manager, EVPA, Central & Eastern Europe Manager; Olga Melniciuc, Director of, co-founder of Business Angels Moldova and Vladimir Balaban, entrepreneur, co-founder of Comsales Group, angel investor in Moldova were present, there were productive discussions, debates and reflections on how classic and impact investments interact, complement or compete.

“The purpose of the event was to inform as many people as possible about social entrepreneurship and impact investment, but also to change their perception of it. Social entrepreneurship is not about charity, it is about business, but which goal is to solve some social problems.” explained Aina Idrisova, Director of the Social Entrepreneurship Department at EcoVisio who was also moderating the event.

“Impact investing is seen as one of the ways to address the global challenges we have now, such as poverty, hunger, access to education and health, climate change,” said Ewa Konczal, Collaborate for Impact Program Manager, EVPA, Central & Eastern Europe Manager.

 “A tip for those who want to apply for investments is to come not only with the idea, but with a confirmation that this product or service is in demand in the market. You have to be able to talk numbers with investors. Another important aspect is the development strategy. Investors are looking for return on investment. The social impact is perceived as an added value to the business that can bring profit”, added Olga Melniciuc, director of and co-founder of Business Angels Moldova.

 Angela Achiței, president of the ADV Romania board of directors concluded: “I think that by investing in a social business, we earn much more than if we help a person who needs support. This is because these businesses create mechanisms to help several categories of people and respond to the needs of society”.

Impact for Breakfast is an international event format that unites active actors in the field of social economy, social investment and venture philanthropy. Read more about I4B concept here.