Sharing knowledge with young generations

Luciano Balbo, co-founder of  Oltre Foundation, Italy’s first impact investment fund visited Georgia to share his experience and knowledge with students and corporate sector representatives.

Luciano held a public lecture at one of the leading private universities of Georgia – Caucasus University with 30 students attending. The lecture aimed at raising awareness of students on impact investment and its significance in the business world, so that when they start working or establish own companies, they keep in mind the importance of creating meaningful social and environmental impact.

On 30 September CSRDG organized B2B fair where 47 local social enterprises participated. The fair aimed at promoting products and services of the social enterprises as well as raising awareness on responsible procurement practices, mainly in the private sector. The masterclass held by Luciano “How to act for impact? Impact Investing: International practice and modern trends” acted as an important side event of the fair, aimed at informing corporate sector representatives about impact investing practices and tendencies in Europe and Georgia. The masterclass was attended by 40 participants. After the event the attendees headed directly to the B2B fair and Luciano visited the B2B fair of Georgian social enterprises.

Kristine Kandelaki, Impact Fund Manager in Georgia said:

“It is very important to develop impact investment ecosystem in Georgia as it represents one of the drivers of social and economic strengthening of the country. That is why it is significant to raise awareness about the concept and bring more experience to Georgia. By the end of September,2022 CSRDG and the impact fund Actio with the support of EVPA hosted Mr. Luciano Balbo who shared extremely valuable experience to students, corporate sector representatives and founders of Actio”.