Azerbaijani Socks – empowering Azerbaijani women in rural areas

Teresa Hamlin first came to Azerbaijan to work as an English teacher. There he saw wonderful designs and the socks the women were making, fell in love with them and so Azerbaijani Socks was created. This was also a great opportunity to ensure jobs for many women in the rural, remote areas of Azerbaijan, help them earn income and be independent.

Through a craft that has continued for generations, the women collaborating with Azerbaijani Socks have flexible employment and can provide for their families, by knitting the socks at home. Each sock is made with unique colors and designs. These socks are a combination of high quality yarn, hours of labor, and modernized versions of traditional designs.

Currently, there are over 100 women working for Azerbaijani Socks from 13 different regions in Azerbaijan and the goal is to employ more knitters from remote areas and empower women in rural areas of the country.

AzerbaijaniSocks’ vision is to provide fairly paid, flexible employment for women in the rural parts of Azerbaijan, through  

These socks are knit in homes, allowing women to work from home to earn income for their families.