Café Mziuri – a café for everyone in the heart of Tbilisi

Meet Anna Goguadze

Meet Anna Goguadze. She founded Café Mzuiri and thereby turned an abandoned and forgotten space into a small green oasis in Tbisili. And with it, she is working for a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

With vision and determination, she transformed the previously abandoned and forgotten space turning it into a favourite Tbilisi spot for all! From accessible spaces and braille menus to eco and social initiatives, Café Mziuri sets the standards for the better future. 

‘It is our big desire to become a member of a society in which every person has a share of responsibility to change the environment around.’ says Anna, adding about the many initiatives they have: ‘For example, we have completely removed the plastic and we have eco-friendly packaging in the cafe. We’ve been also collecting paper and then handing it over to another social enterprise to recycle. Our visitors see something different, diverse, socially responsible activities that encourages which them to be more environment – friendly.’

Café Mzuiri
Café Mzuiri
Café Mzuiri

Café Mziuri offers healthy, diverse food, encouraging the healthy lifestyle. In 2017 it also joined international campaign Meat Free Monday, which was authored by Sir Paul McCartney – Anna’s wish is to host him for lunch at the café one Monday.

This year, they also decided to pay a special attention to environmental issues and the topic of homeless animals, for example, teaching children about the issue. The café also has its own dog, Murada, who is one of its the main faces and heroes.

In the future, Anna would like to open another branch to spread experience, share knowledge to others, or even to conduct trainings which will enable them to raise professional waiters and baristas.

‘I have a big desire to teach others what we already know and to contribute to the development of street food, as Georgian cuisine definitely allows it.’ says Anna and we are sure that she will make her vision come true.