Can’t stop the express – express accelerator program for social entrepreneurs started in Ukraine

Can’t stop the express

It was supposed to launch Monday: and express accelerator program for social entrepreneurs, run by SILab. As drone strikes blasted Kyiv, the program was, unfortunately, postponed… until Tuesday. It goes to show the strength of spirit among the SILab team. And now Ukraine’s social entrepreneurs will get essential knowledge on an accelerated timeline. Not only will participants increase their competencies – they’ll do it just in four weeks. Not only will they learn how to access international markets and scale their businesses – they’ll also get key insights about how to do this during wartime.

For the accelerator in total 34 applications were received, but only 20 projects were admitted to the training, which clearly met the requirements for the implementation of activities and confirmation of social impact in the previous months of activity. This approach allowed to admit to training only those projects that are 100% social enterprises, and not simply businesses with corporate social responsibility. Social enterprises will have trainings, individual consultations and constant mentor supervision as well as opportunity to share knowledge and experience. We look forward to report on the final results!