Center for Strategic Research and Development

  • Georgia

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) was established in 1995 with a mission to promote good governance, stable and inclusive economic development, and the formation of an active civil society for the welfare of Georgian society. The Center works to develop Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility and civil society organisations in Georgia. In the area of social entrepreneurship, CSRDG provides financial and technical support to social enterprises, promote the involvement of business in achieving sustainable development objectives and the concept of social entrepreneurship, and create an enabling environment for social enterprises.

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Dobra Foundation

  • Belarus

The Dobra Foundation in Belarus was established in 2017 to attract and unite financial, intellectual and other resources to implement social impact activities in Belarus. Informally its activities started with a group of passionate people in 2013, when the group implemented the largest contest of socially important projects in Belarus with educational and accelerations tracks – Social Weekend. Since then, more than 15 similar events have taken place, attracting over 4000 initiatives of non-governmental organisations and citizens. Dobra Foundation is also among the organisers of the Annual Social Business Forum, Social Impact Forum, other educational seminars on the topic of social entrepreneurship. Dobra has been involving local business in the topics of social corporate responsibility and social investment.

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  • Moldova

Grassroots non-profit organization from Moldova, founded in 1999. Creating a vibrant community of changemakers by connecting more and more people who want to work on a prosperous future for the region.

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Education HUB

  • Azerbaijan

Education HUB is an innovative platform that brings together people who innovate in Azerbaijan society through socially responsible and sustainability initiatives. We have chosen an innovative approach based on education and social entrepreneurship as tools that have a direct impact. This includes a variety of areas where people can discover their abilities.

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Impact HUB Yerevan

  • Armenia

Impact HUB Yerevan in Armenia was established in 2016 and is a part of a global movement of 100+ Impact Hubs around the world. Since its establishment Impact Hub Yerevan has designed and implemented 20+ programmes, hosted over 400 educational workshops and events, and now hosts over 220 members with over 100 projects/organisations representing every sector in Armenia. It provides its entrepreneurs and innovators with networking opportunities, resources, educational programmes and events all within an inspiring space. Impact HUB is also a social innovation incubator and has multiyear experience in designing and leading incubation and acceleration programmes, where through education, networking opportunities and access to different resources they support social projects through the stages of ideas to implementation to impact.

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Navstrechu Peremenam Foundation

  • Russia

The Navstrechu Peremenam Foundation in Russia helps Russian social entrepreneurs implement the best innovative social projects for children and youth. The organisation is an EVPA member and also a local chapter of the international organisation Reach for Change, which is active in the educational field. Navstrechu Peremenam has been a pioneer of venture philanthropy and social investment in Russia, and has vast experience in capacity building and provision of grants to local players. It has been also successful in mobilising a diverse business community to support such activities.

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SILab Ukraine

  • Ukraine

SILab Ukraine aims to build the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Ukraine. The organization works to develop entrepreneurship, investments and partnerships in Ukraine that will solve social problems through business methods. SILab achieves this by supporting social enterprises, advocating a supportive environment for social enterprises, fostering social investment practices and promoting social entrepreneurship as an innovative social change movement.

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  • Regional

Dentons, the largest law firm in the world, is the official legal partner of the Collaborate for Impact project. Denton already provides pro bono legal support to EVPA and several of its members.

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