Good bread from good people


Number of employees: 10 to 20

Good Bread Bakery employs people with intellectual disabilities. In Ukraine, most opportunities for self-realization and work are closed to such people as it is believed that if a person has intellectual disabilities such as Down syndrome or autism, they will not be able to work. But this is not true.

The bakery has been existing on the Ukrainian market for more than 4 years. During this time, more than 50 people were involved. Those who come to the Bakery and have the opportunity to adapt, socialize and gain communication skills. It gives people the opportunity to feel needed, to be part of society and to see their future bright. It is hoped that in the future they will be able to live a full life on their own.

Good bread from good people Impact

More than 50 people involved in the work of the bakery over the last 4 years

Plans for the future: Opening more spaces where people with intellectual disabilities can work

The employees bake cupcakes, cookies, porridge and many other products under the supervision of a professional baker.

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