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Number of employees: Up to 5

Kitabistan was established in 2016 with the goal to have better-translated literature in Azerbaijan, and in particular to translate and publish books on gender equality, democracy, human rights, and innovation. Kitabistan means Book Country in English, and every reader of this imaginary country is their citizen. Books that are not serving humanity, that incite national, racial, linguistic, gender discrimination among people, and that promote violence and aggression are prohibited in our country.

Kitabistan serves its readers by teaching all the positive experiences of the world and by introducing alternative ideas. Kitabistan puts to use the proceeds from the sale of books to finance the next books, as well as to provide school supplies for the children of marginalized families to attend school.

Kitabistan Impact

Launching civil protest campaign in 2019 against book monopoly leading to high prices, supported by nearly 5000 people supported
Organisation of book presentations by foreign authors

Supporting children from low-income families, providing them with things for school, clothes and other things they need.

Plans for the future: opening a printing house and increasing the number of employees

To date, Kitabistan collaborated with several foreign institutions, government agencies, universities, and civil society organizations. Among them are Yale University, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry of Finland, Leo Mechlein Foundation, Koc Holding, SOCO Foundation, several embassies and foreign representatives in Azerbaijan, and so on. To protest the book monopoly which led to high prices in sales, Kitabistan launched a civil protest campaign in 2019, in which nearly 5000 people supported this civic protest and even donated to Kitabistan to open its own bookstore.

The low average salary, especially the very low monthly stipend of students, made it difficult for young people with a real readership to buy more books. As a result, for the first time in the world, a bookstore opened with the support of its readers, and we succeeded in eliminating the monopoly on book sales and high book prices.

Moreover, Kitabistan launched book presentations in which foreign authors traveled and participated in their book events. among them are the ex-first lady of Georgia Sandra Roelofs, Finnish MP Ilkka Taipale and etc.

To find out more about the project please visit the Kitabistan website .