Museum in the Dark – “Third after midnight”

Number of employees: From 10 to 20

Breaking the stereotypical attitude towards people with disabilities, Museum in the Dark “Third after midnight” is the first museum in Ukraine, where tours are held in the dark accompanied by blind guides. The team consists of 7 guides who conducted tours for more than 32 thousand people. The goal of the museum is also to break down barriers to communication, to increase the level of employment of the blind and the level of accessibility of art.

Museum in the Dark “Third after midnight” Impact

Team of 7 blind guides, promoting employment of blind people in other areas
Tours conducted for over 32 000 people
4 art exhibitions held and created almost 100 tactile exhibits available to the blind (sculpture, architecture and painting)

Plans for the future: opening a second Museum in the Dark in Ukraine in Lviv

The museum works in the format of edutainment – that is, combine entertainment with the educational component. There are different formats: excursions in the dark (“Walk in the Dark”, “Dating in the Dark”, school tours, team building), art exhibitions in the dark, concerts and dinners in the dark.

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