United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA)

Number of employees: More than 20

United Aid for Azerbaijan (UAFA) was founded in 1998 with a mission to ‘aid long-term development of life in Azerbaijan, with particular focus on children, health and education’. Though registered in the UK, UAFA operates as a local NGO exclusively in Azerbaijan. There are two social business models affiliated to UAFA at the moment.

United Aid for Azerbaijan Impact

Social Business Beneficiaries: 14 districts, 950 kids
100 entrepreneur women
Helped thousands of disabled and underprivileged children and families in Azerbaijan

Plans for the future: launching 300 more “Mektebim” groups over the country in coming years and to expanding the scale of Enjoy Chocolate business

Social Businesses: ENJOY Chocolates, “Mektebim” community-based preschool project supporting women entrepreneurship. “Mektebim” Program: UAFA presents Mektebim program which is managed by women entreprenuers, child oriented and Inclusive preschool Education Model which will provide the sustainability of the preschool education services alongside Azerbaijan. This program is a social business model to establish community-based preschool education groups by empowering women. Designed for 300 selected women candidates aiming to establishing their own business by joining Mektebim program implementing jointly with UAFA and the State Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Azerbaijan. ENJOY Chocolates: A social business model producing handmade chocolates using an original chocolate and national flavor, dedicating the income for the welfare of the children with special needs.

To learn more about United Aid for Azerbaijan visit their website here.