Front Page Impact – Training Azerbaijani Journalists

To get the right media coverage for impact, it helps to have journalists on the same page. Media representatives in Azerbaijan came together this September to do exactly that. 

“Social Entrepreneurship for journalists and bloggers,” a training hosted by our partner EdHub, convened participants from across Azerbaijan’s media landscape. Journalists learned about marketing, management, storytelling, branding of social businesses and the legislative framework of social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan. 

“The topic of social entrepreneurship is a topic that is rarely covered in the Azerbaijani media,”  said Almaz Nasibova from AzTV, Azerbaijan Television. “For journalists working in this direction, I think this event is very important. The team of Education Hub has come up with a very interesting area that is really thought-provoking and in need of society. Hopefully, we can cooperate with great pleasure. As a media, I can actively participate in the preparation of talk shows and storytelling.”

Hopes were high for future collaboration on impactful stories. 

“My future plans are to get acquainted with the new legislation proposed in this regard,” said Farid Hasanov, reporter at BBC News Azerbaijan, “to talk with those who are engaged in social entrepreneurship, and to learn about the difficulties and problems they face until they become successful.”

Freelance journalist Ramine Eyvazgizi commented on the new role of the media and social entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan: “This topic and field is a new sector for the country, I hope that both media and society will be strengthened for its development. Instead of expecting everything from the state, we should pay attention to this area, and, first of all, public advocacy and agitation about social entrepreneurship is important.”

We can only agree!